Rex Burns
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Gabe Wager Series

Gabe Wager is sent to an Indian reservation in the Four Corners area to help local law enforcement officials solve a series of murders. The several killings don't seem to be related, but something is not quite right and Wager quickly learns that he can't trust the people he was assigned to help. Complicating things, a shadowy survivalist group has the population afraid to talk to Wager.
BLOOD LINE, Walker, 1995

The deaths and mayhem of Denver's youthful gang wars have come home to Detective Gabe Wager with the slaying of his teen-aged cousin. Although the case is not officially his, Wager manages to work on it at the same time that he's faced with the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy. As both cases progress, Wager not only explores the ins and outs of Denver's gang scene, but also the ties of family.

One of Wager's most dangerous cases involves not only the charred body of a fire victim, but the secrets that have been hidden by the victim's death. The resulting hunt for the possible killer leads Wager into the world of terrorism and a frightening plot to detonate the nuclear arms factory at Rocky Flats just outside Denver.
KILLING ZONE, Viking, 1987

The death of a black city councilman threatens to unleash riots in Denver. Not only is the case politically explosive, but it turns out that the city councilman had a secret life. Homicide Detective Gabe Wager must solve the crime before time runs out, and do so in the face of racial conflict.
GROUND MONEY, Viking, 1986

Using his vacation to help an old friend locate his two grown-up sons, Detective Gabe Wager and his girlfriend, Jo Fabrizio, end up in the middle of the central Colorado mesa country. The trail leads them into the world of rodeo as well as into the rough waters of a river expedition. The result is danger and death both from the river as well as from unknown assailants.
STRIP SEARCH, Viking, 1984

The seemingly motiveless and unconnected slayings of two strip-tease dancers lead Detective Gabe Wager into the seedy underworld of Denver's topless bars, all-night restaurants, and furtive street life. Going undercover as a drug dealer, Wager finds that his search for the killer has turned into the killer's search for him.

This adventure leads Detective Gabe Wager out of his usual Denver haunts. Trying to solve one seemingly random murder in the city, he follows leads first to the smaller city of Pueblo, Colorado, and then out to the desert country of western Colorado along the Utah border. On the way, he discovers that clues are not what they seem, and he ends up in confrontation with outlaw Mormons determined to defend their way of life to the death.
ANGLE OF ATTACK, Harper and Row, 1979

Homicide detective Gabe Wager becomes tangled in a gang shooting. The principals come from the Italian and Hispanic sections of Denver, and the chase forces Wager to confront the issue of obeying the law or obeying justice. Either choice will lead to dangerous consequences for the detective.
SPEAK FOR THE DEAD, Harper and Row, 1978

Now in the Denver Police's homicide section, Gabe Wager's first murder case is bizarre. A corpse is reported found in a picturesque setting at Denver's Botanical Gardens. But it isn't a corpse, it is only the head. The new homicide detective must literally piece together the evidence that would speak for the victim and name the killer.
THE FARNSWORTH SCORE, Harper and Row, 1976

Detective Gabe Wager's second narcotics case. This one involves a tightly-knit organization based in a small town in the Colorado mountains. Wager goes undercover to get his evidence, ferreting out a complex smuggling plot to send stolen military weapons to Latin America in exchange for narcotics.
THE ALVAREZ JOURNAL, Harper and Row, 1975, Mystery Vault Press, 2000, Americana Press Audiobooks, 2000

Denver police detective Gabriel Wager, assigned to the Organized Crime Unit, investigates a narcotics smuggling ring that operates out of a shop which imports Latin American handicrafts. The case leads Wager back into his own Hispanic past to confront acquaintances from his school days, whose path had led them outside the law.

THE ALVAREZ JOURNAL was the winner of the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar for best first novel, 1976.
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