Rex Burns
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Devlin Kirk Novels
BODY GUARD, Viking, 1992

Devlin Kirk investigates an accident-plagued industrial complex, and Homer Bunchcroft is hired as a body guard for a wealthy engineer who believes that he and his wife are in danger from Japanese underworld assassins. The two cases play against each other as Kirk and Associates move in on the guilty-and the guilty move in on them.

PARTS UNKNOWN, Viking, 1991

Devlin Kirk and his sidekick, Bunch, while investigating insurance frauds, take on a pro bono case. The seemingly innocuous case leads to a series of cold-blooded murders-for-profit based on an illegal trade in human organs.
SUICIDE SEASON, Viking, 1987

Ex-Secret Service agent Devlin Kirk and his partner, Homer Bunchcroft, are struggling to launch their industrial security firm in Denver. Owen McAllister, millionaire industrial developer, hires Kirk and Associates to find out how two of his $100 million projects were sabotaged and by whom. The investigation leads Kirk into the savage world of big-money investment, as well as into his own past and the suicide of his father.
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