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Rex Burns - Author

 New Release - The Better Part of Valor

Caught up in a low budget revolution fought in the jungles of Colombia, Cornelius Mead faces the challenges of survival in the chaos and insanity of war while clinging to his dream of turning the Guyana massacre site of Jonestown into a theme park.

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Available on April 6, 2016.
For mystery enthusiasts, if you're not familiar with Rex Burns' books, you should be. Read what the nation's leading book reviewers have to say about his work.

“Burns is a superb writer who makes his hard moral points in terse, muscular prose that reflects both the ruggedness of his hero and the stark grandeur of his territory” –Philadelphia Inquirer.

 “There is a toughness in (The Alvarez Journal), a hard-core, basalt toughness, but there is also a leavening of human understanding (the life-in-death of a police informer has seldom been more impressively defined), and even a kind of battered charm.” –The New Yorker.

 “Burns does for Denver and the Rocky Mountain West what Tony Hillerman does for the Native American Southwest, Ed McBain for Manhattan, what Ross Macdonald did for the Pacific littoral.” –Los Angeles Times.

“An exemplary piece of work . . . (Parts Unknown is) well-researched by Burns and made chillingly convincing.”—The Washington Post Book World

“Burns is one of our best writers of mysteries  . . .”—Boston Globe.

“The characters are all deftly realized; Burns has a talent for combining humor and horror and for making his story not only believable but thoroughly absorbing.” –Publishers Weekly.

“Burns is a master at re-creating the routine pace of an investigation and weaving it with a plot in which terror is lurking on every page.” –Booklist.

Winner of the Edgar Award for best first mystery. 
 “Readers who haven’t yet gone on adventures with secret-service-agent-turned-Denver-P.I. Devlin Kirk and his hulking, philosopher-sidekick, Bunchcroft, will have no trouble tuning into Parts Unknown . . . The two are so likable, so intelligent, so moral.”—St. Petersburg Times.


“While turning the pages impelled by its good story, you find yourself actually reading the novel and you notice that Rex Burns makes good sentences, one right after another . . . . Using the conventions of a minor and infinitely exploited literary form, Rex Burns has made a very fascinating modern book.”—The New Republic.

“There is something satisfactory about seeing (Rex Burns) a thorough professional at work.”—Newgate Callendar, The New York Times Book Review.

“Mr. Burns expertly takes the reader inside the police procedural, allowing us to experience Wager’s every moment. The dialogue is crisp and fast, the action is realistic and taut, the prose lean and informative. Warning: Endangered Species will leave you breathless.”—Barry Phillips, Mostly Murder

“. . . You’ll come to admire Wager’s single-minded detective work. He is certainly one of the more credible detective heroes in the field of mystery novels.” –Philip Ward Burton, Madison Courier.

“Besides inking in this dark portrait of the ethnic cop as alienated hero, Mr. Burns presents a frightening scenario for the spread of gang culture . . . . Mr. Burns tells his lean, hard story in a laconic style that somehow makes (Blood Line) even scarier.” Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review.

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